Saturday, 2 September 2017

Flock Box

Hi all,
I had a go with my new flock box the pictures you see are tufts suitable for my 10mm/18mm figures . I have wanted to make my own tufts for the last couple of years so its good to give it a go at last . A bit messy the odd light shock (nothing alarming I still have my fillings !) I still need to practice on my flowers I wont be giving inter flora a run for their money yet . But all in all a great investment I would recommend the product it took about half an hour to knock these out and half an hour for my first time set up after that ten minutes will all it take to get started .
     Thanks for stopping by until next time........
Regards Gav .



  1. They turned out nice - money we'll spent.

    1. Cheers I am happy with them very therapeutic 😁.
      Regards Gav .