Thursday, 31 August 2017

AB 15mm/18mm Saxon Konig Regiment

Hi all,
this is the start of a large Saxon commission so some nice colours to paint . I intend to paint the whites in mostly warm tones leaving cold whites for waste coats and cross belts . There will be a few changes of trouser colours  plus the tapes on the back packs will vary between white and brown the scabards could be brown or black and I will change these around per battalion. Great coats will also vary .
So I apologise in advance for the many Saxon pics to come !
Regards Gav .

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Langton 1:1200 French 80 Gun

Hi all,
I have completed another Langton this is the Formidable she is 80 guns and was launched in 1794 she fought at the battles of 1801 Algeciras, 1805 Cape Finisterre, 1805 Trafalgar,  1805 Cape Ortegal (she was captured and became HMS Brave until scrapped in 1816) .
The sails are white metal with brass ratlines and brush bristles rigging she's on a Langton resin base and the ensigns are painted paper .
  Thanks for taking a look.........
Regards Gav .    

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Infinity Yu Jing, Sun Tze

a bit different today part of the Yu Jing its Sun Tze I love the Corvus Belli miniature and I thought it was about time I painted some . I also wanted to get some glazing practice in . The base was a bit of an after thought but overall I enjoyed the time spent on the figure . I am also half way through a tiger soldier .  I will pick others from the different factions as time goes on all will be for sale if any one is interested . The figures were painted with Vallejo model and game colour .
 Until next time......
Regards Gav .

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

AB 15mm/18mm Polish Lancers Of The Guard

Hi all,
these are part of the cavalry commission I am working on some Polish lancers I am now working on the Dutch so thanks for taking a look .
Regards Gav.