Tuesday, 28 March 2017

League Of Augsburg 10mm

Hi all,
more 10 mm League of Augsburg this time an English regiment of foot Dereings as you can see I finished them in a electric blue now I don't think Dereings regiment would be taking to the field in such a snazzy uniform,they wore it dark blue .  But I have always said I had wanted to keep the colours loud for this scale .  When your painting grey or brick red that's harder to accomplish but you get the idea .
  So that's eight regiments of foot now, I need another eight I think and that would be the Williamite army complete for now . Then it's the Jacobite turn so I think I should have both armies finished for September . So many thanks for stopping by and taking a look .
All the best Gav .


  1. Wonderful units...what a period!

    1. A great colourful period to paint Phil 😉.
      Regards Gav .