Monday, 13 March 2017

Battlescale 10mm Resin Buildings And League Of Augsburg 10mm

Hi all,
I bought some solid resin buildings from a new company called Battlescale they are based here in the UK but will ship world wide . I have added a new 10mm Danish foot regiment for scale they are based on 2mm thick mdf . I intend to base the buildings at some point but as always its as and when .
  The regiment is the Oldenburg Regiment of foot again no need for a pike block, next regiment under the brush is Derings in a nice electric blue you may need sun glasses for that one .
All the best until next time .
Regards Gav .


  1. Hi i have shared your work on my 10mm Wargaming page and 10mm Wargaming group

    Take care


  2. Thanks Andy that's very kind of you .
    Regards Gav .