Tuesday, 28 March 2017

League Of Augsburg 10mm

Hi all,
more 10 mm League of Augsburg this time an English regiment of foot Dereings as you can see I finished them in a electric blue now I don't think Dereings regiment would be taking to the field in such a snazzy uniform,they wore it dark blue .  But I have always said I had wanted to keep the colours loud for this scale .  When your painting grey or brick red that's harder to accomplish but you get the idea .
  So that's eight regiments of foot now, I need another eight I think and that would be the Williamite army complete for now . Then it's the Jacobite turn so I think I should have both armies finished for September . So many thanks for stopping by and taking a look .
All the best Gav .

Saturday, 25 March 2017

HMS Ripon 1/1200 Langton

Hi all,
at last I have finished HMS Ripon she is 74 gun third rate built in 1812 one of the forty thieves class she's been on the stocks for ages but now ready to join the fleet I will probably start a French on in a week or so . Thanks for stopping by and taking a look .
Regards Gav .

Monday, 13 March 2017

Battlescale 10mm Resin Buildings And League Of Augsburg 10mm

Hi all,
I bought some solid resin buildings from a new company called Battlescale they are based here in the UK but will ship world wide . I have added a new 10mm Danish foot regiment for scale they are based on 2mm thick mdf . I intend to base the buildings at some point but as always its as and when .
  The regiment is the Oldenburg Regiment of foot again no need for a pike block, next regiment under the brush is Derings in a nice electric blue you may need sun glasses for that one .
All the best until next time .
Regards Gav .