Sunday, 12 February 2017

League Of Augsburg In 10mm (6)

Hi all,
I finished another foot regiment for my Williamite army for the League of Augsburg these are Danish foot guards I followed the colour plates that warfare miniatures produce and went with the straw coloured jackets although some sources say orange .  I said to my self they know what they are talking about so that's my colour choice .  They didn't show the officers so I took a look on there League of Augsburg blog and there figures show the officers in reversed colours so again that's good enough for me . 
  There is no pike with this unit the Danes and Dutch had given p and moved to the flint lock and plug bayonet by this point . So that's it for now until next time........
Regards Gav .   


  1. Wonderful and colorful job, great looking bases as well...

    1. Many thanks Phil 👍.
      Regards Gav .