Friday, 25 November 2016

AB Command Base 15mm/18mm

Hello all,
I have got this command base finished at last this is General Lefebre Dessenoitss with an adc I added a Russian casualty and had them jumping through a broken fence again they are non metallic painted . I had the casualty painted a couple of years ago so got to use him at last 😊. The fence is made of match sticks ( what would we do without them ) .
 That's it for now until next time.......
Regards Gav .

Monday, 21 November 2016

Kirkes Regiment 10mm

Hello ,
just a quick post to show some 10mm I am working on they are from Pendraken miniatures for the league of Augsburg period they are fantastic sculpts with little clean up required . I have always had an interest in the period so I couldn't resist when I saw them .
 Having never painted 10mm before I was a little worried how they would turn out but I have really enjoyed painting them . I bought the Warfare Miniatures pdf's and after a little help from Loki he of the great hall fame I managed to get a nice brown red or toffee apple if you prefer . The turn backs are goblin green as I wanted the figures at this scale to pop .
These figures belong to Kirkes Regiment I have no grenadiers for them yet so they will have to be added at a later date .
Thanks for stopping by I hope your projects are still going strong, until next time...........
Regards Gav .

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

The Broad Fourteens (2)

Hi all,
here's a second instalment of my Broad Fourteens project a round table class trawler and a MTB and for the Germans an R boat and an S boat . I have four more on the go with just the basing to finish so now it's time to read up on the 80's rules 'Fast Attack' I will then give them a go solo and there's even talk of doing a couple of on line games with my mates on Table Top Commanders, I mean what could possibly go wrong 🤔.
  All the best .
Regards Gav .

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

AB 15mm/18mm Napoleonic French Dragoons (SOLD)

Hi all,
here's some dragoons of the 25th regiment I wanted to practice my non metallic metal painting at this scale they are based on a 30mm front 25mm side with a simple base . They are for sale if any one is interested £50.00 plus postage (insured) I should have said there are ten figures two to a base .  Thanks for looking .
Regards Gav