Thursday, 13 October 2016

The Broad Fourteens or 1/600 Light Coastal Forces

Hi all,
got a parcel today for another project an e bay purchase of the old skytrex (and I believe these ones are from 1985 ) now heroics and ross 1/600 light coastal forces .
That is motor torpedo boats , motor gun boats , escort trawlers, minesweepers and coastal shipping . I couldn't afford them back then like my langtons so when the opportunity came I had to have a punt so I am now the proud owner of some S boats an R boat , assorted MTB an escort trawler a coastal tanker and two coastal merchant ships plus a couple of osprey books on the subject so if your out there Steve they have found a loving new home !
So posts for this subject will be found under the heading The Broad Fourteens (named after a crown film unit film from 1945 covering MTB operations in the channel , you can find it on you tube)  .
  See you all soon for more posts.........
Regards Gav .

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