Monday, 3 October 2016

Terrain Reefs,Shoals and Sandbars

Hi all,
i have wanted to make some terrain for my ships so it was time to dip into my box of bits . These reefs/shoals were made with ice lolley sticks I broke up cork (you can get it from flooring shops) stuck it with pva ( you could use super glue to speed things up) I then made the sea with decorating filler (the stuff that can be smoothed out) . Once that's dry I gave it a coating of pva then sprayed it with a car primer . The colours I used were from Vallejo and are then a couple of coats of Windsor and Newton satin varnish .
  So I hope that may of been of some use to someone lets just hope on my first outing I don't run one of my ships up them 😩.
Regards Gav .