Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Langton Miniatures 1:1200 French Frigate La Reunion (3)

Hi all,
here is the completed French Frigate La Reunion she is based again on one of Langtons resin bases I went for a darker blue this time . The sails are photo etch brass they look more in scale but I think when I next make a purchase I will go back to cast white metal . The rigging this time is bristles from a wall paper paste brush they are the straightest I could find and at about two inches long will cover any ship with more to spare . If you get one of these brushes go for the more expensive the bristles look to be more straight . I also realise the rigging is not in scale but there are always trade offs I think this method gives a clean look to the ship and even with priming and painting there is a time saveing . They are slightly more fragile than thread but once based your hands should not get in contact with the ship any way .
  A brief biography of La Reunion :
32 gun Frigate
Built 1785-1787
Wrecked 1796
She served mostly in the English Channel based in Cherbourg she would make 24hr raids to catch prizes . Her guns were 26 x 12pdr and 6X 6pdr . On October 20th Reunion was intercepted by HMS Crescent while she was in company with the cutter Esperance the cutter ran for Cherbourg while Reunion and the Crescent engaged . After 2 hrs 10 min she had to strike her colours when the Crescent raked her stern (the shot then has a clear run straight down the main gun deck knocking over guns and causing carnage among the crews) .
 As a prize she kept her name (HMS Reunion) but was wrecked in the Thames estuary in 1796 . Well thanks for taking an interest with this project I will start another ship in a couple of weeks . But staying with the nautical theme I have my coastal forces on the go as well so keep taking the sea sick tablets I know I am 😉.
Regards Gav .