Friday, 30 September 2016

AB 15mm/18mm French ADC

here's  the last of a commission I have been working on a couple more adc thanks for taking a look and I will have some more figures up soon .
Regards Gav .

Monday, 26 September 2016

1/1200 Langton Miniatures French Frigate

Hi all,
I have another ship on the stocks this time a French one in this case she is the French 36 gun frigate La Reunion . Launched in 1786 was captured 1793 and wrecked (in British service) 1796 . She was armed with mostly 12 pounders and six 6 pounders during the French Revolution she commerce raided out of Cherbourg . In 1793 she was made a prize of HMS Cresent in a fight in the English Channel . Later in Royal Navy service she was wrecked in the Thames Estuary (1796) .
 A word of caution on the paint scheme I have used the present French frigate Harmione as a guide to painting I like the look so I am sticking with it . I am trying out the brass sail set and I hope to use paint brush bristles for rigging this time to see how it works .
So the next ship post will see her finished off (I hope 😏) .
All the best, keep your powder dry and your ships biscuits free of weevils 😉.
Until next time...........
Regards Gav .

Friday, 23 September 2016

15mm/18mm AB French ADC

Hi all,
these mounted adc officers are from the Eureeka ab French Chasseurs line the client asked that they were painted as if for adc duty . These are part of an on going commission next will be more adc this time from the ab set itself .
  I hope your projects are progressing well so until next time...........
Regards Gav .

Sunday, 11 September 2016

1/1200 Langton Miniatures HMS Cambrian

Hello all,
my second 1/1200 Langton napoleonic ship she's HMS Cambrian a 40 gun frigate she was built in 1797 and wrecked in 1828 . When built she  she carried 24 pounders but they proved heavy so they were replaced with 18 pounders . Cambrian served all over she caught many privateers many in in American waters in rivers and estuary's where they would hold up  This of course got them in trouble with the American government . Later in her career after the napoleonic wars she was present at the battle of Navarino 1827 but after pursuing Greek pirates she was involved in a collision with HMS Isis that pushed here on to rocks ( off Crete ) where she was wrecked (all the crew were saved) .
 Well thanks for stopping by .
Regards Gav .

Friday, 2 September 2016

Ab 15mm/18mm French Napoleonic Light Infantry

here are a few more light infantry part of a commission that is ongoing, again great sculpts with not to much clean up required there is plenty of variety in this commission so not all of the units are the same .
  Thanks for taking a look there will be more to see soon .
Cheers Gav .