Sunday, 31 July 2016

AB 15mm/18mm Napoleonic French Line Infantry

Hi all,
I have some more French in great coats for a different client with a few added skirmish poses as per the ones you have seen before you will see I like to mix up the greatcoat colours (different greys and some Browns and oatmeal ) .
I like to have different shako colours as well also a few patches on the clothes I think it helps to show a unit on campaign . As before the client will be baseing them so more pictures of  little soldiers on bottle tops .
  I hope you are progressing on your own projects, until next time..........
Regards Gav .

Sunday, 17 July 2016

38th foot light company (ab napoleonics)

Well here's another company to my battalion of the 38th as I have said before I have been throwing a company in along with my commission work . Not the quickest way of getting a force together but a good trade off I still get to add to my little force there's still a company or two to go .
  Thanks for looking until next time .
Regards Gav .

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

1/1200 HMS Neptune

Hello all,
Well I finished HMS Neptune she is a second rate 1/1200 Langton miniatures ship metal with some photo etch brass ratlines . The model its self was bought off eBay but there really was only a very small amount of clean up to do . The previous owner had already stuck on the sails as with the other ships in the box  . But I think I will remove them off the masts to allow me to drill the rigging holes something I have learned for next time .
  The painting of the ship I loved as a painter you would expect me to say that but you know what's coming the rigging oh the rigging . I bought Langton's rigging guide it's good and the steps are more or less straight forward it would have been nice to see some photos of model ships at various points to aid in the rigging .
Well what can I say about the rigging I did my best 😳 It's my first go and in the words of the song things can only get better😏 You will see it's not tight in places and some is not there at all (not intentional ) the working rigging is to light it did look darker on the real . The photo etch brass ratlines  I completely screwed up and I thought that would be the easier bit 😏.
The base is one of Langton's  it's resin and came with the ships (part of the starter set) I put some green stuff at the join between ship and base and tried to make it like water . It's painted grey more of an Atlantic feel .The flags are Langton's as well .
  Well what did I think of the ship, I can say I have waited more years than I can remember to own some Langton's and they did not  disappoint . I would give them 10/10 ( would have loved to see some ships anchors on them) my own work 5/10 it's the rigging 😩.
Here's a quick bio on HMS Neptune........
HMS Neptune was a second rate ship of the line she was built in 1797 in Deptford and was broken up in 1816 she served in the channel fleet under Sir James Gambier in 1801 and off Cadiz under lord Collingwood in 1806 she was the flag ship of Sir Alexander Cochrane in the West Indies in 1808 and was placed in ordinary in 1810 . She may not have been a stand out name of those time's but like hundreds of Royal  Navy ships she did her duty come what may .