Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Grenadier Company of the 38th of foot .

Hi all,
I have another company finished of the 38th of foot as I have said before I paint my own units alongside the commissions I paint just 15minutes here and there so this one must have taken six weeks . I have just started the light company with three more to go I should have the 38th in the field by December 😏.
 This company I have painted in all white trousers and grey blankets/greatcoats most if not all the other company's will have the odd brown, grey and blue mixed in but if your not careful by trying to add a variation you end up making every thing a standard look (if that makes sense ) .
Well a short post again of which you will no doubt be grateful I hope you are making progress on your projects and I will be back with another post on the Little Russia Currasiers .
Regards Gav .


  1. Looking good. The English uniform is not the easiest to paint but you have cracked it. If you didn't know they could easily by mistaken for 28's.

    1. Thank you Neil that's very kind of you .
      Regards Gav .

  2. Looking good mate - I recon you have enough now for Shape Practice in 15mm.
    Shout out if you want a game.

  3. Thanks Stu, my British army is crawling forward inch by inch I have a light company on the table amongst a pile of Russians 😉 .
    Regards Gav .