Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Grenadier Company of the 38th of foot .

Hi all,
I have another company finished of the 38th of foot as I have said before I paint my own units alongside the commissions I paint just 15minutes here and there so this one must have taken six weeks . I have just started the light company with three more to go I should have the 38th in the field by December 😏.
 This company I have painted in all white trousers and grey blankets/greatcoats most if not all the other company's will have the odd brown, grey and blue mixed in but if your not careful by trying to add a variation you end up making every thing a standard look (if that makes sense ) .
Well a short post again of which you will no doubt be grateful I hope you are making progress on your projects and I will be back with another post on the Little Russia Currasiers .
Regards Gav .

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Maj Gen Baron de Constant Rebecque ab Napoleonic

Hi all,
here's the other command base Maj Gen Baron de Constant Rebecque with a staff aid I did try to make the base boggy but for it to work I needed still water rather than gloss varnish ! Still the figures came out well I don't like to over hi light dark colours so kept it simple . If you would like a quotation on a commission contact me there's no obligation .
  All the best Gavin .

Friday, 17 June 2016

Prince William of Orange 1815 15mm/18mm

Hello all,
I just wanted to show this ab 15mm/18mm Dutch command stand its Prince William of Orange with a mounted guide . I built the base up slightly so the Prince of Orange stands out slightly and kept the base simple with a few tufts . I will have another Dutch command to post soon, thanks for taking a look .
  Regards Gavin .