Wednesday, 18 May 2016

AB French Line Infantry

Hi all,
here's some more French part of an ongoing commission the client likes to paint the pompoms as he likes to think what companys they will  fit in (with the different great coat colours ect) . Although most of these are voltigeurs they are part of three battalions .
Thanks for looking .
 Regards Gavin .

Monday, 16 May 2016

1/1200 Langton Miniatures HMS Neptune

Hello all,
here's a work in progress of HMS Neptune she is a 98 gun second rate ship of the line I will give you a full bio of her when she is completed . The stage you see the painting is almost complete with just some cleaning up of the masts,yards and sails . There are some holes I drilled in the bullworks to anchor the rigging . Next is glueing the masts in place attaching the ratlines and rigging her before baseing .
  Thanks for taking a look until next time.........
Regards Gavin .

Friday, 13 May 2016

AB, 15mm/18mm French Napoleonic Mounted Officers

Hello all,
here's three photos of a couple of mounted French line officers part of an ongoing commission . The client will base them I tried to give the greatcoats a different grey look for each and gave the one white gloves . I hope you are all well and enjoying the hobby, until next time........
     Regards Gavin .

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Peninsuler War AB British 38th Of Foot

Hello all,
just the one base featuring a command base they are ab napoleonics from Eureeka Miniatures . This base is slightly unusual in that the ensigns are carrying the colours cased as these are for my own army I thought i would have two command stands for the same unit with colours cased and colours flying I can swap them when I want to . As with the previous base they represent the 38th of foot I have just started a grenadier company to add to them .
 Next up I have some more French ab in greatcoats as part of a commission I am working on so see you on the next post and thanks for taking a look .
Regards  Gavin