Wednesday, 20 April 2016

AB British Napoleonic Infantry Company

Hello all,
I am painting another commission more ab napoleonics and more French line infantry in great coats so what I thought I would do to at least to keep my own Peninsular war project on track was to paint a company here and there along with any commission work I am undertaking . So bellow are the 38th of foot this is a center company the 38th had yellow facings . I have tried to give the ground a more dry feel so I applied winter static grass and just used grit and tufts .
 Many thanks for stopping by I hope your own projects are going well .
Regards Gavin .


  1. really nice Gav especially the basing as well looks very peninnsular

    1. Cheers Dane, I am adding a company when I can between this commission .
      All the best Gav .

  2. Nice going mate.
    Bit worried the red paint pots were drying up with all that blue you have been painting recently.

  3. Part of my plan to at least get a battalion finished whilst working on a commission so doing a base at a time I should have a division completed by 2018 ! Good luck with the sharp practice Stu I have invested in General De Brigade I only have to paint up 1000 figures I I can get a game .
    Regards Gav .