Wednesday, 10 February 2016

More AB Napoleonics

Hello all,
  I know you will probably be getting tired of seeing ab French on bottle tops but as I have said these are part of a commission and I like to have a record of what I am painting so if you don't mind being along for the ride . I think you have to strike a balance when painting a great coat unit you want to provide a variety of main colours and shades (especially with a French unit) but at the same time the unit must look like a formed unit . And then there is a variety of colours for the shako covers as a theme I prefer the greatcoats are mostly grey (different shades of) and the shako covers black .
  When it comes to the trousers then mostly its white again for uniformity with brown and grey for a campaign feel you could also add the odd patch as a bit of difference .
Well thanks for stopping and taking a look I still have another battalion to complete so there will be another post wafferling about French greatcoats !


  1. I think there will be lots of people keen to see whatever you paint Gav, nice painting Gav!

  2. Cheers Paul they are nice sculpts and Tony has added the usual touch's of shoes, bread, cheese, pans and so on . It all adds little differences to the figures .
    Regards Gav .

  3. 50 Shades of Grey Gav, that's a whole different blog and commission.
    Excellent painting mind.

    1. I must admit Stu I am going through grey paint a lot at the moment I could paint a battleship !
      Regards Gav .