Sunday, 10 January 2016

AB Napoleonic British Highlanders

Hi all,
A happy new year to you all ! It looks like I am always saying this but this unit has taken an age to complete . It's the first highland unit I have painted in nearly 25 years so things didn't exactly flow it didn't help that I was going to do the 71st so I painted in all of the base colours (yellow facing) . Then had a casual read to get some background details only to find that the regiment lost its kilts somewhere between 1809-10, that was a bummer !
  So the 71st became the 42nd and downhill it went from there, the kilt wasn't to much problem some dots lines and some wash to make it blend in . As the Black Watch are a Royal regiment they have the blue facings I have painted the officers in grey trousers often worn for mounted duty . The base is mdf 2mm thick 30mm wide 25mm deep with static grass and flowers .
These are for sale if you are interested or if you would like something painted then please contact me . Enjoy your painting and gameing until next time........
Regards Gavin .


  1. Beautiful Highlanders, great job!

    1. Thanks Phil I have to admit they nearly broke me !
      Regards Gav .

  2. Very nice buddy.
    I see that Tartan paint came in handy :-)

  3. Cheers Stu,
    I still have half a tin left if you need it .
    Cheers Gav .

  4. Took a while to do Gav, but they look superb! Though I doubt you will be tackling any more kilts anytime soon.

  5. You know it my friend ! Thanks Ian .
    Regards Gav .