Sunday, 17 January 2016

15mm War In Chechnya

Hello all,
Here's another Squad of Russians for the first and second war in Chechnya they can be used for all types of Russian units in the first and second war but my own favourite are the naval infantry . As before I painted some with the melon pattern camouflage although I painted it slightly brighter than before . Again broken up cork was used to simulate concrete and this time some cut up sprue was used to represent rusted iron to give an industrial feel .
 Thanks for taking a look............
Regards Gavin .


  1. Very nice - Just in time for the first outing in a couple of weeks.
    Just pulling together a few extra items now.

  2. Cheers Stu,
    nearly broke two getting them off the bottle tops . I will have to touch up the boots on them .
    Regards Gav .

  3. They came out nice Gav, well done!

  4. Dip your toe into moderns Paul you know you want to !
    Cheers Gav .