Thursday, 28 January 2016

On The Work Bench

Hello all,
just a couple of photos of a unit I am working on, ab French Napoleonic in greatcoats the sharp eyed will notice the colour bearer is missing and the fanion bearer has not had the fanion is not painted the client will sort that one out, and he dos a very good job of replacing the pole for the colour so that figure is being painted with the next battalion . The client will be baseing these as well .
  I have painted the greatcoats mainly in grey (different shades) with some brown and oat meal coloured coats also of different shades . The shako covers also mainly in black (again to aid a uniform look) have also a mix of colours .
Again mr Barton has put a variety of details into the sculpts with shoes, sausage, cheese, jackets etc these really show a battalion on the march . The figures did have moldline issues and there was lumps of metal around the musket butts and cartridge boxes . These have been a pain to deal with but to be fair I have not had this problem with other regiments so far .
  So thanks for stopping bye I have two more of the same units to complete and I will put some work in progress shots as I go . I hope you are progressing with your painting . Sorry for the poor photos they are on the work bench, the flesh looks better, well in the flesh so to speak !
All the best........
  Gavin .

Sunday, 17 January 2016

15mm War In Chechnya

Hello all,
Here's another Squad of Russians for the first and second war in Chechnya they can be used for all types of Russian units in the first and second war but my own favourite are the naval infantry . As before I painted some with the melon pattern camouflage although I painted it slightly brighter than before . Again broken up cork was used to simulate concrete and this time some cut up sprue was used to represent rusted iron to give an industrial feel .
 Thanks for taking a look............
Regards Gavin .

Sunday, 10 January 2016

AB Napoleonic British Highlanders

Hi all,
A happy new year to you all ! It looks like I am always saying this but this unit has taken an age to complete . It's the first highland unit I have painted in nearly 25 years so things didn't exactly flow it didn't help that I was going to do the 71st so I painted in all of the base colours (yellow facing) . Then had a casual read to get some background details only to find that the regiment lost its kilts somewhere between 1809-10, that was a bummer !
  So the 71st became the 42nd and downhill it went from there, the kilt wasn't to much problem some dots lines and some wash to make it blend in . As the Black Watch are a Royal regiment they have the blue facings I have painted the officers in grey trousers often worn for mounted duty . The base is mdf 2mm thick 30mm wide 25mm deep with static grass and flowers .
These are for sale if you are interested or if you would like something painted then please contact me . Enjoy your painting and gameing until next time........
Regards Gavin .