Friday, 30 December 2016

AB Napoleonic French Command Stand

Hi all,
here's another command stand 15mm/18mm a French general passing a note to an adc they are painted in non metallic style . I kept the base simple with this one there wasn't room to get to creative with the adc being on foot . I will put this one the earlier command and the two Dutch commands up for sale on the blog in a couple of days .
  Here's wishing you all a happy and safe new year where ever you are in the world and thanks for stopping by my little blog from time to time .
All the best.......
  Regards Gav .

Friday, 23 December 2016

League Of Augsburg 10mm (3)

Hello all,
I have another regiment of foot completed this time the Earl Of Meath's I tried to show these in a slightly darker red as you can see they have white cuffs and dark grey breeches with light grey stockings . I am painting another regiment of foot then I will move on to a cavalry regiment as I don't have enough little blokes to make full regiments of foot .

Monday, 19 December 2016

1/10 Bust Lucky Jack (1)

Hello all,
this is another project it's a 1/10 bust called Lucky Jack it depicts Russell Crow as Captain Jack Aubrey in the film master and commander . I have followed large scale figure painters for years for me it's art and my art of choice . I like all types of figures historical, fantasy and sci-fi in most scales .
So after all the years of saying I can't do this I am going to do this if that makes sense. I chose this figure for a couple of reasons, I like naval sailing ships, I like the Patrick O'brian books and on a practical level I wanted to start with a simple type of bust I think it's going to be a challange enough 😉.
   So here's some photos of what's in the box I will post as and when I have something to show I will be painting the bust as and when I have free time .
Until next time........
Regards Gav .

Monday, 12 December 2016

League Of Augsburg In 10mmI (2)

Hi all,
I managed to base Sir Percy Kirks regiment of foot i had to wait to get the pikes they are based on 30mm square bases . I cut up a tooth pick to look like freshly cut tree stumps and a couple of my usual cork rocks . When I send for more figures I will include some casualties to give variety to the bases .
  The second regiment is the Earl of Drogheda's regiment of foot although they were on the Irish establishment I believe they were mostly English . Kirkes regiment I had posed in relaxed look but Drohadas as they are in firing poses look more aleart .
There's only one photo and a poor one at that when I add the next regiment I will add some more photos . Thanks for stopping by and see you again soon .
Regards Gav .

Friday, 25 November 2016

AB Command Base 15mm/18mm

Hello all,
I have got this command base finished at last this is General Lefebre Dessenoitss with an adc I added a Russian casualty and had them jumping through a broken fence again they are non metallic painted . I had the casualty painted a couple of years ago so got to use him at last 😊. The fence is made of match sticks ( what would we do without them ) .
 That's it for now until next time.......
Regards Gav .

Monday, 21 November 2016

Kirkes Regiment 10mm

Hello ,
just a quick post to show some 10mm I am working on they are from Pendraken miniatures for the league of Augsburg period they are fantastic sculpts with little clean up required . I have always had an interest in the period so I couldn't resist when I saw them .
 Having never painted 10mm before I was a little worried how they would turn out but I have really enjoyed painting them . I bought the Warfare Miniatures pdf's and after a little help from Loki he of the great hall fame I managed to get a nice brown red or toffee apple if you prefer . The turn backs are goblin green as I wanted the figures at this scale to pop .
These figures belong to Kirkes Regiment I have no grenadiers for them yet so they will have to be added at a later date .
Thanks for stopping by I hope your projects are still going strong, until next time...........
Regards Gav .

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

The Broad Fourteens (2)

Hi all,
here's a second instalment of my Broad Fourteens project a round table class trawler and a MTB and for the Germans an R boat and an S boat . I have four more on the go with just the basing to finish so now it's time to read up on the 80's rules 'Fast Attack' I will then give them a go solo and there's even talk of doing a couple of on line games with my mates on Table Top Commanders, I mean what could possibly go wrong 🤔.
  All the best .
Regards Gav .

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

AB 15mm/18mm Napoleonic French Dragoons (SOLD)

Hi all,
here's some dragoons of the 25th regiment I wanted to practice my non metallic metal painting at this scale they are based on a 30mm front 25mm side with a simple base . They are for sale if any one is interested £50.00 plus postage (insured) I should have said there are ten figures two to a base .  Thanks for looking .
Regards Gav

Sunday, 30 October 2016

AB French Line In Great Coats

Hi all,
a couple of photos of some French Line infantry in greatcoats part of an ongoing commission . The client will paint the pompoms and most canteen cords .  Thanks for looking .
Regards Gav .

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Langton Miniatures 1:1200 French Frigate La Reunion (3)

Hi all,
here is the completed French Frigate La Reunion she is based again on one of Langtons resin bases I went for a darker blue this time . The sails are photo etch brass they look more in scale but I think when I next make a purchase I will go back to cast white metal . The rigging this time is bristles from a wall paper paste brush they are the straightest I could find and at about two inches long will cover any ship with more to spare . If you get one of these brushes go for the more expensive the bristles look to be more straight . I also realise the rigging is not in scale but there are always trade offs I think this method gives a clean look to the ship and even with priming and painting there is a time saveing . They are slightly more fragile than thread but once based your hands should not get in contact with the ship any way .
  A brief biography of La Reunion :
32 gun Frigate
Built 1785-1787
Wrecked 1796
She served mostly in the English Channel based in Cherbourg she would make 24hr raids to catch prizes . Her guns were 26 x 12pdr and 6X 6pdr . On October 20th Reunion was intercepted by HMS Crescent while she was in company with the cutter Esperance the cutter ran for Cherbourg while Reunion and the Crescent engaged . After 2 hrs 10 min she had to strike her colours when the Crescent raked her stern (the shot then has a clear run straight down the main gun deck knocking over guns and causing carnage among the crews) .
 As a prize she kept her name (HMS Reunion) but was wrecked in the Thames estuary in 1796 . Well thanks for taking an interest with this project I will start another ship in a couple of weeks . But staying with the nautical theme I have my coastal forces on the go as well so keep taking the sea sick tablets I know I am 😉.
Regards Gav .

Thursday, 13 October 2016

The Broad Fourteens or 1/600 Light Coastal Forces

Hi all,
got a parcel today for another project an e bay purchase of the old skytrex (and I believe these ones are from 1985 ) now heroics and ross 1/600 light coastal forces .
That is motor torpedo boats , motor gun boats , escort trawlers, minesweepers and coastal shipping . I couldn't afford them back then like my langtons so when the opportunity came I had to have a punt so I am now the proud owner of some S boats an R boat , assorted MTB an escort trawler a coastal tanker and two coastal merchant ships plus a couple of osprey books on the subject so if your out there Steve they have found a loving new home !
So posts for this subject will be found under the heading The Broad Fourteens (named after a crown film unit film from 1945 covering MTB operations in the channel , you can find it on you tube)  .
  See you all soon for more posts.........
Regards Gav .