Wednesday, 16 December 2015

AB Napoleonic French Command Stands

Hello all,
I have managed to get these French command stands finished they are eureka miniatures ab napoleonics . I have based them on 40mm 3mm deep mdf bases, I wanted to make each one a little different . General leads a lieutenant and trumpeter of the 7th chasseurs elite company I included a fallen Prussian on the base . Another has a general Lefebvre Desnoettes and a adc surveying a scene in front of them that base I wanted to show a couple of  standing water puddles for something different . And the last is a general and adc looking on behind a broken down field boundary .
  These are for sale if you are interested, on the bench I have a unit of napoleonic Highlanders that I lookforward to showing soon . All the best until next time.........
Gavin .


  1. Beautiful vignettes, excellent job!

  2. As always Phil, many thanks .
    Regards Gavin .

  3. Cracking Job buddy, they should go a treat on e-bay....
    Loving the puddles :-)

  4. Cheers Stu you know you want to get into ab Naps !
    Regards Gav .

  5. Replies
    1. Cheers Dane,
      Now get your game head on for Sunday !
      Regards Gav .