Thursday, 26 November 2015

15mm Modern Russian's War In Chechnya

I have some Russians to show today not many but it's a start ! I have always had an interest in the Russian/Soviet armed forces and the war in Chechnya was something I watched unfold . The miniatures themselves are from Eureka Miniatures and are supplied here in the UK by Fighting 15's here in the UK .
  They are very nice sculpts with little flash and moldlines, the Russians come in two types there are the standard infantry you can use them as infantry, airborne or naval infantry they are armed with RPG 7, RPG 18 they have AK 74 some with folding stock . They all have steel helmets its up to you if you paint them in covers . Most have standard webbing (if anything is standard in the Russian MOD) . The other units are MVD they have the sphere helmets with chest riggs and are armed with the MOD weapons .
I have painted them in different uniforms as they wore a multitude of different types so some have melon pattern camouflage with the yellow/orange jackets and trousers . The webbing I left light green with buff tabs and reinforcing. The AK74 is painted with both the wood and brown plastic grips and magazines and an added touch some have tapped an added magazine to the existing one .
 The Russian armed forces are supplied with a variety of weapons and equipment so you can really mix it up . I will say when I paint cammo in 15mm I only represent it I think the background colour is the most important as that is what can be seen across the table .
All the base's are PVA and fine sand and flooring cork painted as concrete and rubble with cut up staples to show rusted metal . The only thing I might change in future urban bases is mixing in larger diameter sand to make it more rubble strewn .
  That's it, now back to my naps hope you are making steady progress on your projects until next time......
All the best Gavin .

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Eureka ab Napoleonics Portuguese Infantry

Hello all,
It's taken some time to finish this unit but here it is this is the Portuguese Almieda Regiment first battalion showing the national colour (the second battalion would carry the regimental colour) . This is a 24 man unit (sold by Fighting 15's here in the UK) .
  The sculpts are by Tony Barton and are of a very high standard I like the way he has shown them with mixed equipment because of this early time of the Peninsula war the Portuguese were using and wearing anything they can before the British supplies came in large numbers .
The figures are shown with a mixture of British and captured French packs plus blanket rolls . The figures have different foot wear as well . I have shown them wearing white summer trousers ( I decided to leave them clean in one type of uniform) .
 On the whole they had black cross belts I chose to leave the French packs with white straps to show they had been picked up off the battle field . They wear the Portuguese Berentina shako with or without plume . The musicians uniform was hard to replicate because they had narrow stripes down the inside and outside of the arms which are not straight and have a design in them, so the best I could do was put a stripe down the arm .
I have shown the unit I a relaxed manner with some looking as if they are chatting and others looking on to something happening in the distance . The base is simple with just some tufts added they are to small on the infantry stands to clutter them with rocks and casualties .
  On the table I am just completing some AB British for me some French command stands to sell and some Russians from the Chechnya war for me and some buildings for me . Its all go at Furphys Brush With History ! Thanks for stopping by .
Regards Gavin

Sunday, 1 November 2015

28mm Footsore Miniatures Late Roman Command

Well here we are the almost finished line (if that makes any sense) this command stand is the last of the units I originally planned for this little force . I plan to increase them over time but for now that's it with these .
  On the table I have a regiment of foot for my Peninsular war project they are almost complete I have decided to add a light company so they may be delayed a little . And close on their heels are a regiment of Portuguese these will be up for sale and as always if they don't go they will be added to my own army . I think that raps this little post up keep licking the brushes until next time...........
Regards Gavin (aka Furphy) P.S I have a lighting box at last so please stay with me as I work things out and add some terrain for affect !