Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Late Roman Elite Infantry

Hello all,
Yes more late Romans to view as happens a lot with my own figures these particular ones have been mostly finished but when I came to base them I had used up all my 2p size mdf bases . So luck was in, Stu from Dust, Tears and Dice  blog asked me if I wanted to go to the Derby wargames show so along with Dane also a club member at the Wyvern Wargamers club we had a day out all saying we wouldn't spend much but that idea went out the window the minute we stepped through the door ! So after saying all that my mdf base supplier of choice Warbase's were there and had some in stock so result !
   As per the post title these are elite so I gave them a different shield design now when you apply your shield transfers it is better to give the shield a base coat a white this helps the shield design show through . But this time I used orange brown base to tone them down I think it's worked added to that the Matt varnish it is er,  well matt .
The spear shafts I have painted a red brown, from what I have researched units may well have painted their spears at

least until on campaign (elite units anyway) . I wanted to show this unit with a more reguler appearance so again I used certain colours so they did not look ad hoc . Well I have four more almost finished for the same unit and have just under coated the command stand as  always they will have to fit in with paying work . But now I have the nucleus of a force that I can add to and game as time goes on .
So that's it for now I have some 15mm AB French Dragoons that will be posted soon keep licking the brushes and I will see you soon .
Regards Gavin (aka Furphy)


  1. Nice poses and nice paint job on these Late Romans Gavin ...

  2. Cheers Phil eight more on the production line and then I will have a basic force .
    Regards Gav .

  3. Very nice buddy - got some irish lined up to give them a run for their money....

  4. Cheers Stu, it was a close run thing with the varnish with these and the dragoons, I committed the cardinal sin of using the last 20mm in the bottle (even though I had a new bottle ready ) . But it's not affected them to much .
    Regards Gav .