Sunday, 18 October 2015

28mm Footsore Miniatures Late Romans

Yes again more Romans !
I only have twenty four and I paint them as and when I can in batches of four, I think I may need up to eight more to make a starter unit which burst my bubble a little as I thought I was over the finish line with these . But they are very well cast and take paint very well I have painted all the units in non metallic metal for a change and in all the sculpts I have tried to vary the look according to their place in the Roman army structure .
  So I think another four elites four armoured and four unarmoured infantry and when time and funds permit some more archers and a few horse .
So it's a short post ( I'm being kind to you) I hope you are forging ahead with your projects until next time ..............
Regards Gavin (aka Furphy) .

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