Sunday, 18 October 2015

28mm Footsore Miniatures Late Romans

Yes again more Romans !
I only have twenty four and I paint them as and when I can in batches of four, I think I may need up to eight more to make a starter unit which burst my bubble a little as I thought I was over the finish line with these . But they are very well cast and take paint very well I have painted all the units in non metallic metal for a change and in all the sculpts I have tried to vary the look according to their place in the Roman army structure .
  So I think another four elites four armoured and four unarmoured infantry and when time and funds permit some more archers and a few horse .
So it's a short post ( I'm being kind to you) I hope you are forging ahead with your projects until next time ..............
Regards Gavin (aka Furphy) .

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

15mm AB Napoleonics French Dragoons

Here we have some French Dragoons they represent the 25e regiment there are 12 in the unit as you will note there is not an eagle with them. As always they are AB from Eurika Miniatures the horses have some great poses I will say these had more flash than I have seen on these miniatures before but they mostly cleaned up well . I have painted the Dragoons trousers in doe skin look they did not have campaign overalls sculpted and as the trousers are not showing a lot I did not want to go to the trouble of painting on buttons etc . But you could paint them grey if you wanted to it depends how much different you want to make them .
  The horses I have painted as dark and light bays with some painted as dark and light chestnut with the usual white or grey musicians mount . using the bottom of the varnish pot has robbed some of the highlites and my usual pictures are not helping . These ones will be on ebay in a couple of days if you want to take a punt or if you want something like them please feel free to ask for a quote .
On the table I have some more late Romans and at last I can get to grips on some of my own 15mm British Naps . So until next time enjoy the hobby and keep safe .
Regards Gavin (aka Furphy) .

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Late Roman Elite Infantry

Hello all,
Yes more late Romans to view as happens a lot with my own figures these particular ones have been mostly finished but when I came to base them I had used up all my 2p size mdf bases . So luck was in, Stu from Dust, Tears and Dice  blog asked me if I wanted to go to the Derby wargames show so along with Dane also a club member at the Wyvern Wargamers club we had a day out all saying we wouldn't spend much but that idea went out the window the minute we stepped through the door ! So after saying all that my mdf base supplier of choice Warbase's were there and had some in stock so result !
   As per the post title these are elite so I gave them a different shield design now when you apply your shield transfers it is better to give the shield a base coat a white this helps the shield design show through . But this time I used orange brown base to tone them down I think it's worked added to that the Matt varnish it is er,  well matt .
The spear shafts I have painted a red brown, from what I have researched units may well have painted their spears at

least until on campaign (elite units anyway) . I wanted to show this unit with a more reguler appearance so again I used certain colours so they did not look ad hoc . Well I have four more almost finished for the same unit and have just under coated the command stand as  always they will have to fit in with paying work . But now I have the nucleus of a force that I can add to and game as time goes on .
So that's it for now I have some 15mm AB French Dragoons that will be posted soon keep licking the brushes and I will see you soon .
Regards Gavin (aka Furphy)