Sunday, 13 September 2015

French Line Infantry Secound Unit

Here we are again another day another unit, I know I am milking it I could have shown this unit yesterday but  it took some time to finish these so its worth another post . As before its an Eurika AB unit sold through Fighting 15s here in the UK . As before French uniforms are always hard to get completely right the osprey book is a bit of a let down and that's the first time I have said that, with the information on the uniform plates telling you more about what a unit did rather than what it wore .
 As you can see the larger battalion has 40 figures and the smaller one 36 because of the tight basing I kept it simple and put some tufts on . I would recommend the range to anyone with an interest in the period they are on the most part clean and in these two units I did not have any miscast pieces . The only thing I would say is the colour poles and the fanion are bendy because of the soft metal .
The colours are from GMB design they represent the 66e line regiment  first and second battalion . Although for me they are generic and could represent most line infantry pre 1812 .
 These units are for sale and will be going on ebay today if you are interested . Well that's it for now I will be back with some AB dragoons , some more 28mm Romans and I can at last start another unit of AB peninsular war British .
  Take care and look after those brushes !
Regards Gav (aka Furphy) 

Saturday, 12 September 2015

AB 15mm French Napoleonic Line Infantry

Hi all,
Well it's taken some time to get these finished but at last I am over the finish line I have really enjoyed painting these they are in pre 1812 uniforms I have taken a couple of liberties with the musicians as it's hard to find exact details on them . And that includes the voltigure plumes and collars .
  As you can see they are the incomparable AB Napoleonics now owned by Eurika miniatures in Austrailia and sold through Fighting 15's here in the UK (great service) . The figures are painted in Vallejo paints with two coats of Matt varnish they are based on mdf 3mm and are 30mm/25mm .
These are going up for sale on eBay or pm me if you are interested I also have another unit that is almost complete to join them . And if they don't find a new home then I will have some enemy for my Peninsular war British .
  I hope you are forging ahead with your own projects and may be a little quicker than my own