Saturday, 29 August 2015

Footsore Miniatures Late Roman 28mm

Just a couple of pictures of some late roman Auxilia Palatina as I have said before they will be at first used for a Dux Britanianum campaign at the club . I would like to add to them over time to create  a larger force there are four more waiting shield transfers from Little Big Man Studio (Highly Recommended ) . I have painted them as the others in a non matalic metal finish a darker chain mail than before . I have another four part painted (in between other projects ) with a command stand still to go . So the project grinds along slowly but does inch towards the finish line .
  Although the blogs been quiet this month I have been busy on the brushes I have been painting up a couple of battalions of AB Miniatures French Napoleonics to sell on they are awaiting colours and a couple of finishing touches  .
I hope all is well with you all, until next time............
Regards Furphy .