Monday, 22 June 2015

Wyvern Wargammers Club Night

Hi folks,
just a quick post to tell you how I got on with my Koreans last night . Well it will be no surprise to here I lost but I have the comfort to know that two other lads lost as well . Stuart of Dust Dice, and Tears fame had planned a face off between my Koreans and his Chinese but in the true spirit of the club (everyone if they are at the club should get a game)  he opened the game to Dane who had lost a game at short notice and Henrick who was visiting the club .
   So it became a simple scrap for the crossroads at the centre  of the village who ever controlled it at the end of the night or had caused the most carnage was the winner . We approached from the table ends with me having the shortest to go . Henrick got there first and stayed there, myself and Dane got into a dogfight that would only end up one way and that was with my Korean blood spilt all over the table . Between Dane and Henrick I was taking my figures off faster than I put them on !
And what of Stu well I hadn't realised he had equipped his force with led divers boots that just about got him into battle halfway through the fight ! oh and lookout for his menacing archers that prefer to scare and not kill an enemy .
  So the result was me and Stu got well and truly turned over, Dane was somewhat bruised  and Henrick well he came he saw he conquered ! (a note has gone to the committee blocking his membership request) many thanks to Stu for putting on the game and all the lads for plenty of laughs on the night .
Now for a short post this has spiralled out of control a bit, happy painting and gamming people until next time .
Regards Furphy .


  1. Haha, sounds like a lot of fun Gav. Was it good to get your own painted minis on the table?

  2. Hi Phil,
    I had always thought it would be any other period apart from Koreans in ancient China ! When I had them on the table painting them I didn't think much of them but to look down at figures you painted yourself was a great feeling . The only fly in the ointment was they didn't stay on the table to long it seems a recurring theme with my gaming !
    Stu came up trumps hauling all that terrain to the club and Dane was his usual no prisoners self the man has a hart of stone . I hope all is good with you Phil and your Spanish civil war minis are coming along .
    Regards Gav .