Saturday, 20 June 2015

Koreans based at last !

Hi all,
  Although the blog has been quiet I haven't been,after six months sitting in a box I finally have got around to painting a box of Perry Miniatures plastic Prussians . I think there are forty six in the box and that's taken some time to get finished . And after what seems like a couple of months I am at last getting my 15mm AB napoleonics British infantry based so that's something to show in the next week  . And there's more yes more ! The Footsore Miniatures I reviewed a couple of posts ago have been painted but not based for a least a month so they will also be based over the next few days . My work space is like a beach at present with the amount of sand for basing sloshing around .
I know the above has nothing to do with the above title but I thought you might like to know what's been going on in Furphys Brush With History . So what of the Koreans you ask, well bellow are a couple of pictures of the Koreans based and on movement trays I was going to sell them but Stuart Dice, Dust and Tears (blog)  all round nice bloke and fellow Wyvern Wargammer club member has talked me into taking his Chinese forces on . So no they won't be fighting Samurai but this will be the first time in thirty years I actually use figures I have painted myself ! Funny I thought it might have been World War Two or AWI not ancient China but I am really enjoying my gaming so will give most things a go .
  Well thanks for stopping by as I have said there will be some more posts up soon .
Regards Furphy .


  1. They look great, beautiful colors!

  2. Cheers Phil,
    I was going to build a Korean army back in the day and got these without doing any research when I did I realised there wasn't much to go on . And like most of us I enjoy the research as much as the painting so I will keep these and add a few more if Stu is still keen on ancient China or as often with me sell them .
    Thanks for the kind words .
    Regards Furphy .

    1. Those look great Gav and just the right number for your outing this evening.
      I will draw up the basic stats for each, so we should be good to go.

  3. Great Stu, I will provide the dust masks, gloves and overalls so as not to put any marks on them !
    Regards Furphy .

  4. Cheers Phil, got them finished in the end !
    Regards Gav .