Friday, 26 June 2015

AB Miniatures 15mm British Napoleonic Infantry

Hi all,
after what seems like ages I have finished this small unit of British infantry for the Peninsular War they represent the 5th of foot . Their facings are gosserling green the colour is a hard one to get right it is more yellow than I have painted all though I did try to go over them with more yellow wash's but you then end up with more facings that look yellow so I have gone with the light green .  The trousers I wanted to have a warmer look so of instead of a grey to white I used different warmer tones then an ivory . I used metallic for the metals it seems to work on these, but when I paint 15mm world war two I prefer non metallic metal .
 The Regimental colour an the Kings colour are from GMB Designs, I completely stuffed them up my wife was talking to me at the time and as its been proved I cant multi task ! The bases are MDF from War Bases with childrens sand pit sand this was given an extra pva layer and painted . I wanted to give a hot dry look like Spain and Portugal in summer and I decided not to put any gravel on them as the base size was tight and I didn't want to overcrowd them .
A quick word on the figures, they are the best 15mm I have worked with so far people rave about the AB range and I can see why . They were clean with no flash hardly any mold lines and have bags of charm . If you want them in the UK then they are sold by Fighting Fifteens who in turn get them from Eurika Miniatures in Australia .
  So that's my small test unit done I will now get some more and base them for General De Brigade with maybe some French to sell on . And now for a shameless plug if you would like some of these painting drop me an email for a quote there's no obligation  .
Thanks for taking a look see you soon..........................
Regards Furphy .

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

28mm Perry Miniatures Plastic Prussian Infantry

Hi all,
 here we are again this time it's 46 Prussians they are plastic and I based them on mdf rather than the plastic bases in the box, the colour is the one of three supplied in the box . I am putting these on eBay i have painted these in a simple style rather than hitting them with lots of glazes . The faces are simple with four layers and the clothes three highlites and a couple of washes . I also kept some slightly stronger highlites on the black items and used matalics mixed with blacks and browns .
  All in all I enjoyed painting them I didn't like putting them together not because I am opposed to glueing plastics but I didn't like the way the necks of the figures were attached to the sprue (you have to be careful no to damage the coller and to get a good fit for the head) there were also injection marks in the shako and large gaps where the pack is joined to the back . Don't get me wrong that's nothing a little Valejo plastic putty won't solve (or your filler of choice) but it does make these longer to get to the finish line . As always they provide plenty of uniform guides plus three colours (flags)  and also they come with plastic bases . So you get a good deal for your money 46 figures gives you a good block of Prussians for the Hundred days campaign or Russia 1812 as I have said they will need a little extra work but if you don't care about a few gaps and just want to get them on the table fast that might not be a problem to you . Me I would give these a 7/10, thanks for stopping by and taking a look as I have said they are for sale and they will be going on eBay .
  Keep your painting MoJo going until next time.........
Regards Furphy .

Monday, 22 June 2015

Wyvern Wargammers Club Night

Hi folks,
just a quick post to tell you how I got on with my Koreans last night . Well it will be no surprise to here I lost but I have the comfort to know that two other lads lost as well . Stuart of Dust Dice, and Tears fame had planned a face off between my Koreans and his Chinese but in the true spirit of the club (everyone if they are at the club should get a game)  he opened the game to Dane who had lost a game at short notice and Henrick who was visiting the club .
   So it became a simple scrap for the crossroads at the centre  of the village who ever controlled it at the end of the night or had caused the most carnage was the winner . We approached from the table ends with me having the shortest to go . Henrick got there first and stayed there, myself and Dane got into a dogfight that would only end up one way and that was with my Korean blood spilt all over the table . Between Dane and Henrick I was taking my figures off faster than I put them on !
And what of Stu well I hadn't realised he had equipped his force with led divers boots that just about got him into battle halfway through the fight ! oh and lookout for his menacing archers that prefer to scare and not kill an enemy .
  So the result was me and Stu got well and truly turned over, Dane was somewhat bruised  and Henrick well he came he saw he conquered ! (a note has gone to the committee blocking his membership request) many thanks to Stu for putting on the game and all the lads for plenty of laughs on the night .
Now for a short post this has spiralled out of control a bit, happy painting and gamming people until next time .
Regards Furphy .

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Koreans based at last !

Hi all,
  Although the blog has been quiet I haven't been,after six months sitting in a box I finally have got around to painting a box of Perry Miniatures plastic Prussians . I think there are forty six in the box and that's taken some time to get finished . And after what seems like a couple of months I am at last getting my 15mm AB napoleonics British infantry based so that's something to show in the next week  . And there's more yes more ! The Footsore Miniatures I reviewed a couple of posts ago have been painted but not based for a least a month so they will also be based over the next few days . My work space is like a beach at present with the amount of sand for basing sloshing around .
I know the above has nothing to do with the above title but I thought you might like to know what's been going on in Furphys Brush With History . So what of the Koreans you ask, well bellow are a couple of pictures of the Koreans based and on movement trays I was going to sell them but Stuart Dice, Dust and Tears (blog)  all round nice bloke and fellow Wyvern Wargammer club member has talked me into taking his Chinese forces on . So no they won't be fighting Samurai but this will be the first time in thirty years I actually use figures I have painted myself ! Funny I thought it might have been World War Two or AWI not ancient China but I am really enjoying my gaming so will give most things a go .
  Well thanks for stopping by as I have said there will be some more posts up soon .
Regards Furphy .