Friday, 22 May 2015

2nd Currassier 28mm Perry Miniatures

Hello all,
it has taken some time to get these finished it didn't help that when I came to base them I had already used up the bases so that was one delay then I forgot to order a colour for them but never the less I got there in the end .
Some of the usual facts and figures for you, they are painted as the 2nd currassier with scarlet as the regimental facing (as seen on the wolf tooth next to the  sheep skin) the trumpeter does not have a white horse crest when I looked at the osprey book they showed black when in the 1812 imperial livery .
    I used Vallejo paints, Windsor and Newton galeria matt varnish, Silfor tufts and 50/50 mdf from War bases .These will be going on ebay on Monday if you want to take a punt I do have some other bits and bobs to show you but as always nothing is flowing I have to send off for yet more bases and I am waiting on some shield transfers .
My big thanks to Stu at my club Wyvern Wargamers for giving me a chance to play Chain of Command (set in the Russian/Japanese war ) and to Dane for showing me you cant change history on a table top ! Yes I was the Russians no I didn't win that's three games under my belt Black Powder, Saga and Chain of Command no matter what period of history I cant get the little fellas on the table top to get me a win  . And to march in a forwards direction and not to the rear (have you ever seen thirty Russian conscripts all try and get through a doorway under the fire of just two riflemen it was like a call for last orders at the pub )
    Well I am off to spray my new dice with WD40 to make them roll faster (I mean look I chose red dice, in south east asia red is a lucky colour if I was a roman its the colour of war and still I kept rolling ones !) I hope you have a great weekend and get the soldier mountain down a little .
Regards Furphy .   

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Footsore Miniatures Late Romans

Hi all,
I recived yesterday my order from footsore miniatures I have not used this company before so I was opened minded to what the end product was going to be like . Well I was blown away with the quality of the product . From beginning to end its been a great experience dealing with this company .
When I placed my order I liked the way there was a picture next to it how often do you click on a load of codes only to receive things you clicked on by mistake . So when you get updates about your order there are pictures of the product .
  As always that probably made no sense to you ! Bellow are some pictures of the sculpts and this is the meat and potatoes of this review . They are some of the best sculpts I have seen, lovely movement   In them they are really clean and I can see them taking paint well . I always think there are some very good sculptors out there but the castings themselves are often a let down but not as in this case . Very, very clean no flash and no worms ( nod towards the Perry Miniatures) only the faintest of mold lines, top work all round .
They came with wire spears (not clear on the web site) they were packed in bags and boxed well . So by the tone of the review you can tell I like these figures (they came with a bonus figure)  I take my hat off to the company for their attention to detail and there customer service .
So it's a big Furphy 10/10 to Footsore Miniatures !
 Thanks for stopping by .........
Regards Furphy .