Thursday, 23 April 2015

Wyvern Wargamers Club Night

Hi all,
  Last night was club night at Wyvern Wargamers so I thought I would put some photos up, as always with me I can't give you much information on the games but I thought you may like to see some of  the lads figures . 
My thanks to Chris for giving me a game of Saga I enjoyed it a lot even if I lost ! You would think he would have given a noob like me a victory . But to be fare to Chris he tried everything to do that but the dice were fickle at almost every turn . They say win or loose it's how you play the game, well obviously I didn't play Saga very well but Chris your a gentleman and many thanks for showing me the game maybe next time I could be the Vikeings as the Anglo Danish dice don't seem to work to well !
If you would like a game then come down to the club on a Sunday night or look up Wyvern Wargamers on the web . The club holds lots of terrain loads of tables plus a room for board games or if you are at Salute this year then come over an say hello to the lads ( they only bite when not fed) .
Thanks for taking a look i hope all is going well with your projects .
Regards Furphy .

Above are some pictures of the saga game before most of my figures were swept from the board all the figures were Chris's . And the bottom two are Spanish civil war there would be more pictures of this game and two others but I couldn't  use the photos (sorry lads) .

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  1. Not to worry buddy it was a pretty dull affair - however I have given them a stern talking to and this week will be better.