Friday, 10 April 2015

Koreans (yes four more)

Hello all,
Four more Choson Koreans completed not too much to say the same as before two more under coated        with two more to go . I should have my French cavalry here in the next couple of days so I need the Koreans out the way . Although saying that I will need to order the base's for both units so they won't be finished for a week or more yet . (Reading that back I'm not sure if that made much sense) .
 And I have made a note to make a light box to take some better pictures, I don't have a great camara but I am getting fed up of the whites, reds, and blues getting bleached in the photos .
Cheers all......
Regards Furphy .


  1. Looks like your really churning these out at the moment.

  2. Four more to go I have some of the French Cuirassier under coated so as they say the beat goes on !
    Regards Furphy .