Thursday, 23 April 2015

Wyvern Wargamers Club Night

Hi all,
  Last night was club night at Wyvern Wargamers so I thought I would put some photos up, as always with me I can't give you much information on the games but I thought you may like to see some of  the lads figures . 
My thanks to Chris for giving me a game of Saga I enjoyed it a lot even if I lost ! You would think he would have given a noob like me a victory . But to be fare to Chris he tried everything to do that but the dice were fickle at almost every turn . They say win or loose it's how you play the game, well obviously I didn't play Saga very well but Chris your a gentleman and many thanks for showing me the game maybe next time I could be the Vikeings as the Anglo Danish dice don't seem to work to well !
If you would like a game then come down to the club on a Sunday night or look up Wyvern Wargamers on the web . The club holds lots of terrain loads of tables plus a room for board games or if you are at Salute this year then come over an say hello to the lads ( they only bite when not fed) .
Thanks for taking a look i hope all is going well with your projects .
Regards Furphy .

Above are some pictures of the saga game before most of my figures were swept from the board all the figures were Chris's . And the bottom two are Spanish civil war there would be more pictures of this game and two others but I couldn't  use the photos (sorry lads) .

Friday, 10 April 2015

Koreans (yes four more)

Hello all,
Four more Choson Koreans completed not too much to say the same as before two more under coated        with two more to go . I should have my French cavalry here in the next couple of days so I need the Koreans out the way . Although saying that I will need to order the base's for both units so they won't be finished for a week or more yet . (Reading that back I'm not sure if that made much sense) .
 And I have made a note to make a light box to take some better pictures, I don't have a great camara but I am getting fed up of the whites, reds, and blues getting bleached in the photos .
Cheers all......
Regards Furphy .

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

15mm Volkesgrenadiers (finished)

Well it's taken a while but the volkesgrenadier company is finished at last, this one has taken for ever . Its probably not helped that I got sidetracked by other projects over all I enjoyed painting them, I seem to have spares left over (the same as the box of plastic Panzer Grenadiers) . I based them more or less on the flames of war web sight . I was missing a loader for a panzerschreck so put an NCO in his place and I think there's an Automatic rifle for a bolt action (and I am not ripping up the bases now) .
  But I am putting them up for sale if they don't sell I will keep and game them myself . Next time I think I will paint platoons it's quicker . Soon I will be painting some Perry Miniatures 28mm Napoleonic cavalry to sell but after that or it might be in between I want to start a 15mm vietnam war project for the Two Fat Lardies Charlie Don't Surf rules . Probably another long path with a dead end but I do love the 15mm miniature and have always had a deep respect for the ANZACS in Vietnam .
So bellow are the final photos of the Volkesgrensdiers thanks for sticking with it .
   Regards Furphy .