Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The West Midland Military Show

Hello all,
there's no painting to show you today, on Sunday I went along to the above show in Wolverhampton so I thought I would put it up on the blog more to say thank you to the Alumwell Wargames Society for working so hard on putting on a great show . I don't go to many shows but this one I like, now I took some photos and the only set I can name is the Wyvrn Wargames club who put a BEF 1914 game on for Kallistra using their basing system and miniatures in 12mm .
 The other few pictures I took were tables that took my fancy and I am sorry I can not put names to pictures . But thank you all for making a great day out you give up your time to make these things happen and I for one am very thank full  for your efforts .
  There were also lots of traders who apart from Kallistra couldn't part me from my money but when its in short supply you cherish it more! Its also great to feel the buzz of a load of likeminded strangers who can just stand around a table and have a good yarn as if you new them all your life . So if your in the West Midlands next year and you have £3.oo in your pocket pop along and give the show some support .
One more thing a big thumbs up to the Wyvrn Wargames Club and Kallistra for putting up with my many questions, I have a feeling a restraining order will be in place next year !
  Regards Furphy .



  1. Wow! Great looking pictures here!

  2. Cheers Phil, the best of a bad bunch the rest were to blurred to use .
    Regards Furphy .