Friday, 20 March 2015

Korean choson army 1592-1598, Perry 28mm

I decided to paint up some Korean heavy infantry that have been on the to do list for a year now . Most people look as if they do samurai so I thought these would be differnt, so I bought a couple of boxes to try them out . But this was a case of not doing my research first I fell for the figures on Perry 's web page and they did not disappoint when I recived them . However  when I started to research the subject there was hardly anything to get stuck into . I have all the Osprey Samurai books and also the book on the invasion of Korea but I still can't get any information on the web which is a shame I like to get envolved in the subjects I paint . 
So bellow are a couple I have painted up, I think I will get the movement trays from war bases so you will have to put up with them on bottle tops for now . 
That's it for now . Regards Furphy .


  1. Those are very nice, I have a Ancient Chinese Project already to kick off and these would fit the bill, I even have a small skirmish set of rules to try out, whilst I build up bigger forces.

  2. Thanks Stuart, they are nice figures and if you get the ones with the shields the Perrys have scratched the design in for you . Cheers Furphy .

  3. These are great, that shield is particularly striking

    Stu - is there anything obscure that you don't have...? ;-)

  4. Thanks Phil, they were known for their bright shield designs and as I am painting lots of German field grey and English uniform they are makeing a refreshing change !
    Regards Furphy .