Saturday, 14 March 2015

Kallista 12mm Early Great War British

this is a bit of a follow on from the last post I did, I have painted some Kallistra early Great War British they are 'N' Gauge or 12mm . At last I can start putting some BEF 1914 figures together I went for this scale to begin with because I feel you can have a larger scale battle but the miniatures them selves still have a presence on the table .
  At a later date I would like to try some Pendaken 10mm Sudan range but that's another story as they say . The main challenge for me as a painter is how far do you go with these as far as paint is concerned . I have never had different levels when I paint only the best I can do but for myself there has to be a cut off  as to what can be seen on the table and just how long it will take me to get it on that table ! So you may see the difference in units over time as I settle for what I am happy with at 12mm .
A word for the Kallistra miniatures, I think they are great no flash as yet and only faint mold lines, they are not to soft either I bought these at the show but again they were great with the punters . As you will see bellow they are not based yet as I am not sure what rules to use . 
 So thanks as always for dropping by and good luck with your projects .
Regards Furphy .


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