Monday, 30 March 2015

Perry Miniatures 28mm Koreans (2)

Hello all,
  Here's a couple of Koreans I still don't have any bases to put them on, again nice bright shield . I thought I would put them up as I go otherwise it's weeks between posts . Thanks for takeing a look there will be more up in the next few days .
Regards Furphy .

Friday, 27 March 2015

15mm Volksgrenadiers (4 )

Yes that's right folkes more volkesgrenadiers !
  Come on stay with me yes I know they look like the last lot and the ones before them and, well you get my drift but just a few more to finish and base and they are complete . So not a lot to say I have tried to show some fox holes and shell scrapes for some variety . Now it's back to some Koreans so thanks for dropping by .
Regards Furphy .

Friday, 20 March 2015

Korean choson army 1592-1598, Perry 28mm

I decided to paint up some Korean heavy infantry that have been on the to do list for a year now . Most people look as if they do samurai so I thought these would be differnt, so I bought a couple of boxes to try them out . But this was a case of not doing my research first I fell for the figures on Perry 's web page and they did not disappoint when I recived them . However  when I started to research the subject there was hardly anything to get stuck into . I have all the Osprey Samurai books and also the book on the invasion of Korea but I still can't get any information on the web which is a shame I like to get envolved in the subjects I paint . 
So bellow are a couple I have painted up, I think I will get the movement trays from war bases so you will have to put up with them on bottle tops for now . 
That's it for now . Regards Furphy .

Monday, 16 March 2015

Wyvern Wargamers

Hi all,
 Its taken thirty years since I first picked up a paint brush to actually get a game in but at last I am there . I went along to Wyvern Wargamers club on Sunday night and the lads there were kind enough to let me sit in on a game (many thanks to Phil who's figures and terrain we used and who umpired, to Bob who drew the short straw and had to wet nurse me and lastly to Dane who had to often be asked how many dice do I role now ?)
  I would love to give you an in depth battle report but most the time I sat there with my thumb up my bum and my mind in neutral . Phils miniatures were top notch and half the time I was drifting away picking up ideas on the craft of the bush .
The game was a large skirmish in the Sudan and the rules were Black Powder bellow you will see a jumble of photos  these were taken by me for no other reason than I loved the figures . But look on the bright side your not looking at my paint jobs on the back of my I pad ! If you check out Phils blog http//  you will see a nice battle report with better pictures than mine  .
 So if you fancy pushing some plastic or metal around a table top for a few hours in some good company then pop along to Wyvern Wargamers they meet the first and third Sunday of the month between 6-10 pm Bishampton village hall, Broad lane, Bishampton. Worcestershire WR10 2LY.
  Well that's all folks until next time .
Regards Furphy .

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Kallista 12mm Early Great War British

this is a bit of a follow on from the last post I did, I have painted some Kallistra early Great War British they are 'N' Gauge or 12mm . At last I can start putting some BEF 1914 figures together I went for this scale to begin with because I feel you can have a larger scale battle but the miniatures them selves still have a presence on the table .
  At a later date I would like to try some Pendaken 10mm Sudan range but that's another story as they say . The main challenge for me as a painter is how far do you go with these as far as paint is concerned . I have never had different levels when I paint only the best I can do but for myself there has to be a cut off  as to what can be seen on the table and just how long it will take me to get it on that table ! So you may see the difference in units over time as I settle for what I am happy with at 12mm .
A word for the Kallistra miniatures, I think they are great no flash as yet and only faint mold lines, they are not to soft either I bought these at the show but again they were great with the punters . As you will see bellow they are not based yet as I am not sure what rules to use . 
 So thanks as always for dropping by and good luck with your projects .
Regards Furphy .


Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The West Midland Military Show

Hello all,
there's no painting to show you today, on Sunday I went along to the above show in Wolverhampton so I thought I would put it up on the blog more to say thank you to the Alumwell Wargames Society for working so hard on putting on a great show . I don't go to many shows but this one I like, now I took some photos and the only set I can name is the Wyvrn Wargames club who put a BEF 1914 game on for Kallistra using their basing system and miniatures in 12mm .
 The other few pictures I took were tables that took my fancy and I am sorry I can not put names to pictures . But thank you all for making a great day out you give up your time to make these things happen and I for one am very thank full  for your efforts .
  There were also lots of traders who apart from Kallistra couldn't part me from my money but when its in short supply you cherish it more! Its also great to feel the buzz of a load of likeminded strangers who can just stand around a table and have a good yarn as if you new them all your life . So if your in the West Midlands next year and you have £3.oo in your pocket pop along and give the show some support .
One more thing a big thumbs up to the Wyvrn Wargames Club and Kallistra for putting up with my many questions, I have a feeling a restraining order will be in place next year !
  Regards Furphy .


Friday, 6 March 2015

15mm Volkesgrenadiers (3)

Hi all,
I know I can hear the groans already NOT MORE OF THE SAME ! but hey if I have to paint them you can at least look at them . These do seem to be taking an age and I still have seven with only undercoat on but slowly they near completion . Most of the time if I paint a lot of the same I will not post every step of the way but then the posts get fewer and fewer . And as yet I have not got any type of game in  so all I can show you is what I paint .
   And as I have been painting since the mid 80's with not a single game in between I can wait a little longer . So please be patient as I am still in  1945 with these Volkesgrenadiers  and there will be one more post on this subject before I move on . So bellow are more photos they all look the same and with my usual poor shots of the little men .
Regards Furphy .