Friday, 27 February 2015

15mm Volkesgrenadiers (2)

Hello all,
    here's part two of my Volkesgrenadier company, as you can see I wanted the bases to have the effect of light snow that is melting . They are all in late war uniforms and a few different looks some have felt boots there are also brown and black boots and different anckale gaiters . Some have full winter  cammo some partial . I have also painted some of the mouse grey reversible winter cammo all to show the germans going through the depots and throwing whatever kind of kit they had at the new divisions . That's it for now .
Regards Furphy .

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Battlefronts Flames of War Volksgrenadiers (1)

Hello and welcome  to a small review of Battlefronts Volksgrenadier company metal box set .
  These are metal 15mm miniatures they are posed wearing either great coats or the reversible jacket and trouser set . They also have either hats or helmets and a nice touch is some have the feldmutze cap with ear flaps down and they have the cap comforter that can be worn as a scarf/neck warmer or over the head .
As its the late war period they are armed with the STG44, KAR98, MP40, MG42 Panzerfaust and Panzershreck . I like the poses a lot there's lot of variety and a nice dynamic feel to the sculpts . There are mold lines to clean or miss as I have just noticed ! Some of the STG44 barrels were missing but as it was right at the end I just added a little piece of mold line and super glued it in place there isn't really a need to throw a track and contact the manufacturer . Also a couple of the caps and spade handles had small pieces missing these were so small I have not  filled them . Battlefront always have had a good return's policy but these little blemishes are not something you would not see on most figures in this scale in my opinion .
  I would say that I hope to see Battlefront move over to plastic in this scale because I thought the plastic panzergrenadier box was molded a lot more sharply, the one thing I dislike in the metal range are the faces you don't have the same level of detail and things like the gas mask canister also loose detail  . So I would give these a big Furphy 8/10 , the molding let them down in the end . Bellow are some pictures I am sorry I did rush taking them so they are not the best . The next lot will be better as I finish them off and base them  .
  I hope this will be of some use to somebody and I will catch you again soon .
Regards Furphy .