Thursday, 22 January 2015

Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Warriors

Hi all,
  Not history today a bit of fantasy instead I like to have a change so I popped into my local Games Workshop and picked up these mounted chaos warriors and a 40k speeder . I wanted to paint them in subtle colours so I used Vallejo model colour instead of game colour . And to show them as a unit I kept the colours as greens and red . I would have put more layers on the mounts if it had been a historical unit so I kept it at four as these will be going on ebay . The bases I wanted to show as dank pools of water with a scattering of rocks and stone with some brown tufts to show the type of world the Warriors inhabit . I did not want to show the horses with any mud on them, I like to paint my base's black so they frame what's in them . The banner is my first attempt at one I know it's not much to look at but you have to start somewhere .
Over all these sculpts were very good they only needed a small amount of work scraping the mold lines although I hate to have mold lines running down the centre of the face as you can destroy the detail . They are also easy to remove from the sprue and they have a large amount of options .
  I also have on the table some more American Revolution figures from Perry Miniatures this means my army is growing slowly who knows I might be able to get them on the table in the next couple of months . Thank you for stopping buy .
Regards Furphy.

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