Thursday, 29 January 2015

Lord Dunmores Ethiopian Regiment .

Hello all,
  Today's offering is six Perry Miniatures AWI figures in 28mm . They represent men of Lord Dunmores Ethiopian Regiment, they were a short lived unit of escaped slaves who responded to Lord Dunmores proclamation to leave the people who enslaved them and rally to the Kings standard and in return for their service they would receive their freedom (there is evidence that they did not wait for the proclamation and escaped and offered their services direct by escaping to Royal Navy ships).
In no way could you claim that the proclamation was a benevolent act on behalf of Lord Dunmore he knew that it would have an economic and a panic affect on the rebel population . The Regiment had a short life hindered in the usual way by lack of equipment and training they were commanded by white officers and NCOs they were clothed and supplied by the Navy hence the figures have boat cloaks and armed with boarding pikes, cuttless and in the early days a few muskets of which the Government sent more later .

The Regiment served in Virginia and after many small skirmishes they were dispanded,  many of the Regiment died of a smallpox epidemic and other diseases.
Those who survived were brought North where they were used in pioneer units or in small loyalst units that were used to raid rebel areas . After the peace was signed the Rebel slave owners wanted their property back but to the Governments credit they settled the now freemen in Nova Scotia some went to London where after a while many took up the offer to be resettled in Searaleon where they founded the city of Freetown .
  I know that this is only a potted history and you can go into a lot more depth on the subject I only wanted to give you a sketch to fill in the background to a little known unit.
The figures themselves are very nice the usual mold lines and some flash but not to bad, I painted most of the boat cloaks as if they were made with old sail cloth the brown and the green I found by delving on the Internet (I didn't want them all looking the same) . So yes I really like these figures it would be nice to see another six differnt poses but you can't have everything.
Thanks for taking the time to read my humble blog and I will see you again soon .
Regards Furphy .