Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Snake Rail Fence

  As I mentioned in my last post I am planning to get a 6mm Union army from Baccus . So I thought I would start producing some basic terrain as and when I have a spare five minutes . I have begun with some snake rail fencing . I have made them from the usual match sticks, ice lolly sticks, gravel, sand, torn sponge with some static grass . I painted them with Vallejo paints (german cammo brown and dry brush with silver grey) I matt varnished them with Windsor and Newton Gallaria matt varnish . PVA glue holds it all together, I did try hot glue but working with match sticks I found it more trouble than it's worth .
Now I know they are not to scale and they could easily  be used for 15mm as well . And I did try to cut the match sticks down further and that does give it a cleaved look but it also cleaved my fingers at the same time . I also think leaving them as they are they site together a lot better and I belive when looking down on them from above and at a distance they would not be to out of place .
   So bellow are some test ones in all their splender just waiting for one army or the other to hack them down and use them as fire wood . I plan to make forty or fifty to begin with, I would like to try some post and rail fences but the experiment hasn't proved successful so far .
There will be more to come if I still have my fingers left !
Regards Furphy .

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

28mm Perry Miniatures British Dragoons The American Revolution

Hi all,
   here is a few more forces for my American Revolutionary War collection these are dismounted 16th light dragoons in skirmish poses . Compared to the light infantry on my other post I really like the poses on these sculpts .  My little army is growing slowly probably as slow as it took the home government to supply men to the army in North America . I thought I would be gaming with them in the summer of this year but not a chance I will get there when I get there I am not going to beat my self up over it.
I still have my late war British 15mm army to complete and now I want to start a 6mm union ACW army as well , I am also painting a 15mm British Peninsular
war battalion which I may keep or sell depending on what other hobby supplies I need !
  I hope you all have a nice Christmas holiday and your painting and gaming are productive .
Regards Furphy . 

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

British Light Infantry the American Revolution

  here's some pictures of some light infantry for my American Revolution project . I can only apologise for the poor pictures but they do hide my poor painting . These light bobs would normally work together away from their parent unit, the same as grenadiers . Most of the light infantry and grenadier company's were grouped together in battalions to be used for particular operations .
I would of liked to see some loading and firing poses rather than just charging but I suppose you can't have everything . They do come with different style hats but I think the Perry's are missing a trick with not having some variety of poses, the hessians are much more varied .
Well that's all folkes until next time .
Regards Furphy .