Sunday, 23 November 2014

Battle Front 15mm Panzer Grenadiers

I hope you are all well !
after much head scratching I decided to base the panzer grenadiers exchanging riflemen for panzerfaust and a panzerknacker . If its late war they would have had a lot of these weapons to hand so I cant see anyone wanting to leave them out . Up to now I have only bought flames of war in blister packs so it came as a shock to realise I would have to purchase more bases to complete the whole box . Then when I came to base them I did not need all of the figures, I had followed the directions on the FOW website for a late war grenadier company (1x HQ 2x PLATOONS of 3x SQUADS) I would like to say I live and learn but I never do !
  I am slowly gearing up to paint full time so if you would like to commission something let me know I will be making some changes to the blog as well to reflect this . I will also be opening a facebook account so you could also follow along there . Bellow are some photos of the Panzer grenadiers, I had trouble loading up one of the platoons but there's enough there to get the idea . As I said before nice sculpts compared to the metal the odd whole easy to fill with Vallejo plastic putty,  the moldlines can be in places that you may cut up the sculpt by removing them, on occasion I left them and painted them in where possible . But I have to say I really enjoyed them, they are painted for the late war period and have a lot of movement in them .
 Well thank you for stopping by I will have some Napoleonic's  coming up and a few bits and bobs including my American Revolution crown army .
Regards Furphy .