Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Panzer Grenadiers Late War

Hi all,
Here's some more panzer grenadiers they are not based as I have hit on a bit of a snag . The box comes with the base's and plugs but when I used the code to have a look on the flames of war web site they give you different points options for the platoons you may ditch a riflemen here or there for a Panzerknacker or panzerfaust . Not being a flames of war player myself I'm not sure what a potential customer would would like to base them as so when I finish the company I will give anyone who wants to purchase them the option of unbased with the plain base's sent along as is or based to the customers requirements . I tell you nothing is ever simple, there's still another platoon to finish plus two more to start and a command stand . But they do have some great dynamic poses as I said before I'm trying to go for a late war feel withe a mix of field grey, zeltbahn, cammo jackets and trousers, and mouse grey .
  I hope when they are based they should all be that little bit different, well that's the plan anyway .
Regards Furphy .

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