Thursday, 9 October 2014

British 15mm World War Two M10 Achillies

Hello all,
It's been some time since my last post, I have been hard at work on the brushes but it's been mainly working  on my 15mm British . As you have seen one base you would have seen them all as they are all more or less the same, I didn't want to bore you looking at the same stuff.
  I have painted up a British M10 Achilles it's from Battle Front I would call it a compersite model as the hull and turret are resin the 17 pounder gun barrel is metal ( the 3 inch barrel is plastic) and the tracks plastic. There are also three metal crew and a plastic 50cal machine gun oh and the counter weight on the turret is metal .
I have to say I liked the kit there wasn't much clean up involved although I screwed up on the tracks as I thought there wasn't much in the way of mold lines so decided to paint the base colours on the sprue  . Of course there was mold lines and now they show, but not enough for me to want to remove them, such is life but as this ones for me I'm not going to have a hissey fit !
The M10 was brush painted as I still haven't got my air brush set up, there's a minor territorial dispute going on with the boss so 15mm armour is being brush painted for another month until I can bargain for more space. I gave it a couple of washes to replicate roadside dust added a guards armoured division sign, a serial number and a few bits of stowage. I was going to mount an allied invasion star on the rear deck but mine were to small and I had no decal fix .
So there you have it a rather long winded explanation for a simple model . And here's a bit of info On the M10 Achilles It was a standard M10 as supplied and used by the Americans but instead of using the 3inch gun it mounted the British pounder as used by the Sherman Firefly it was a proven tank killer and could take on the feared Tiger at longer range and with a better chance of a kill (I did say a chance) of course it had thinner armour and an open turret so you got your shot off and then got the hell out of dodge ! You can tell a Achilles because of the counter weight on the rear of the turret and a great big gun on the front there's also a weighted collar behind the muzzle break .
  The Americans tended to use there M10's as offensive tank hunters so extra armour in reality . The British used them defensively firing and then moving fast to another  position they also used them to move up quickly to a newly captured position to give some firepower to the defenders .
Thanks for taking the time to read my humble blog I hope you are all well and I will catch you again soon .
Regards Furphy.

Just a postscript I broke the 50cal barrel when taking the pictures and had to tack it on so sorry for the glue showing I might try some brass rod to fix it, cheers.

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