Friday, 17 October 2014

15mm panzer grenadier test figures

As I said in my last post here's some painted and varnished figures from the command sprew I can't base them yet as some more need to be added . This was just a chance to see what the figures looked like painted up as I have not painted any battle front plastic sculpts before.
  I tend to paint and high lite more brightly at 15mm to make them show up more when based I may make the splinter pattern somewhat darker I will do a couple more to make my mind up. I want to really mix up the uniforms to show that late war feel and the sculpts themselves really lend to this .
I have to say so far they are a pleasure to paint, the faces are slightly smaller than the PSC so are harder to work on but are well worth the time expended on them . Well that's about it for this post I have some photos bellow it's now on to the rest of the sprews .
  Regards Furphy.

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