Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Late war British infantry

Hello all,
  I hope you are all well I wasn't going to post these as you are all sick and tired of looking at more of my 15mm late war British by now . Nothings changed apart from the bases I went for a more simple look they don't look so cluttered now . At the time the British would have at full strength  a 10 man section that would make two fire teams under a section commander and a 2ic I decided to put four to a base and have the gun team on a different base, the same with the  mortar and piat . There are also a couple of officers and an officer and signaller the plastic soldier company do give you far to many officers especially as platoon sergeants ran a lot of platoons you also get a lot of signallers for what is only meant to be a company .
Well there down bellow if you wish to take a look I will be adding more soon , thanks for dropping by .
Regards Furphy.


  1. Nice looking troops, great job!

  2. Cheers and thanks for the kind words Phil. Regards Furphy.