Friday, 8 August 2014

British 6 lb Cannon American Revolution

Hello all,
I know two posts in a month, my word I'm spoiling you ! heres the 6lb cannon I promised you . although looking at the close ups there a couple of things to change like the lad who seems to be able to look left and right at the same time .
  The Royal Artillery at the time was painted a colour called lead grey that a blue grey, I have seen pictures of renactors cannon painted light grey so I built up the greys then glazed them with blue grey and I'm pretty happy with the results some cannon people paint are very blue but that's not my taste. The crew were painted light Prussian blue with added intense blue in a number of glazes and for some added highlights grey blue. I am moving away from strong colour contrasts and trying to go a bit more subtle I know people like them to pop on the table but a lot of the time the uniforms bear little resemblance to the actual uniforms.
I did try making a bucket for the gun so they could swab it out but my efforts were way behind my imagination ! That's about it for now in the end I ordered some Dragoons to represent the 16th and 17th Dragoons just three mounted and six unmounted with six Militia that I will show as loyalist .
  Thanks for taking a look as always I hope your projects are going well .
  Regards Furphy. 

Sunday, 3 August 2014

The 62nd of Foot in the Saratoga campaign

Hello all,
I have at last finished this unit for my American Revolution collection the 62nd the Wiltshire Regiment . I have picked this unit up and down over these last months, I had trouble with the faces I didn't want such strong contrasts and kept trying to tone them down . Then I wasn't happy with the buff the reenactors I had seen had the buff facings very light in colour so I kept changing that aspect. Then when I was half way pleased,
I applied the varnish only for it to go shiny in places so you then have the trick of not overdoing the varnish as we all know it will go white . So I have had to say enough is enough the unit is finished .
  Most of the British regiments left their colours in Canada but all my regiments will carry them as I have always been very proud of crown forces in the war . And I will be using my army all over America and the West Indies . I have a 6lb cannon and crew ready to varnish and base so we will have to see what a mess I can make of that .
I have been painting a lot of red (and khaki) recently so I think I may paint some loyalist green or some of the loyalist militia in civilian dress as in the north and south there was a civil war going on within a revolution and also some First Nation warriors .
  As always the paint is mainly Vellejo with some Citadel, Newton and Windsor varnish, war bases, Silfor tufts and the colours were from GMB Design.
Thanks for stopping by, until next time........
Regards Furphy.