Sunday, 13 July 2014

15mm British Infantry

Hello all,
sorry for not posting for a while between my mum being in hospital and the world cup my painting time has been whittled down by half . It hasnt helped having 140 of these little fellas to do and of course I had to go over the top with the bases. I still have around thirty at various stages of painting and then they all have to be based . I went for an urban look after seeing Ruben Torregosa 15mm British and the base he has done they have a lot more street furniture than mine as mine are on the cheap so go check out his work at Heresy Brush .
   One base I tried using Dass modelling clay but it was to soft for my liking so it was back to good old foam card and green stuff and of course cereal boxes, sand and pva . I based them on large size base because of the extra detail and put a section commander and three men on one base and the 2ic and gun group on another. Before I finish the project I may add some street lights and other bits and pieces to some of the bases.
I bought the bases an M10 tank destroyer a Scibor miniatures dwarf (not for the same project !) from Dark Sphere I was really impressed with the turn around time I think it was four days they also have a very large selection to choose from they all arrived well packed and in one piece. So bellow are some pictures with my usual bad quality photography ! .
 Keep safe until next time .
Regards Furphy.

     The above pictures show the section 2ic and his bren gun team the loader on the gun will be hearing bells for months with all that firing around him !

The piat team tank hunting squeezing every bit of cover they can from that curb side !

The section commander leads his fire team from cover across the road and into fresh cover as soon as possible.